Sponsorship Opportunities

Why your support matters

One of the favorite aspects of what we do is to create fun and engaging events for the residents of our community. Nothing pleases us more than seeing our hard work and preparations culminate in families and community residents spending quality time becoming healthier, having fun together, and sharing smiles and laughter. 

We are proud to promote positive recreational fitness experiences by providing health and fitness activities throughout the area. We want to make our programs available to anyone and everyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle regardless of age, background and current fitness abilities. Because of this, we rely entirely on sponsorships, donations, and fundraisers.

Community Partner Program

We would not be able to what we plan to accomplish without the ongoing support and partnerships of local businesses. We need your help to provide ongoing programs that benefit our entire community. By sponsoring Run Fit, you insure the continued success of each event by providing necessary and crucial resources and materials. 

We offer a broad selection of sponsorship and marketing opportunities. We need financial support, but we could also use volunteers. By providing one or more of these things we know that you can make a great impact in our community, while fostering the growth and success of your business.

Please note that all business sponsorship opportunities, regardless of level or amount, include the following:

  • Opportunity to reach community residents within 10 miles of Lewis Center through our email newsletters.
  • Featured on our website as a sponsor/community partner